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About Us

High Quality Medical Equipment And Supplies

PadCo Medical is a dedicated Personal Protection Equipment company. We are a new up and coming business within the PPE market and currently have several solid and vetted suppliers of PPE which allow us to provide an expansive inventory of PPE products to our clientele.

Our mission is to offer our products at sensible and exceptionally competitive prices thereby allowing us to supply institutions such as hospitals, clinics, schools, and government agencies with much needed PPE at a fair and reasonable price point.


Our Dedicated Team Of Experts

David Padilla

PadCo Medical’s President and CEO

Began his medical career as an Emergency Medical Technician, which he obtained at the age of 16, became an EMT-Ambulance - Paramedic at the age of 18, and then joined the United States Air Force where he held various positions. His positions include serving as a Medical Service Specialist Level (7), an Independent Duty Medical Technician Level (5), Flight Surgeon Technician Level (5), Basic Life Support Instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor, and finally as a Chief Safety & Rescue Diver.

Needless to say, David has been wearing Personal Protective Equipment or PPE pretty much his entire life and has become proficient in determining good quality PPE from that which is not. That is why he, with the help of his Financial partner and Principal Investor Mr. Keith Bullen, decided to start their own PPE supply company.

Working with solid and vetted manufacturers and suppliers, PadCo Medical’s goal is to provide good quality PPE to all who need it.

Currently, David is working as a Health Technician (Paramedic) in the Emergency Department of a Federal Hospital helping to combat the COVID-19 crisis, but has an expert staff handling all inquiries and orders of our PPE products.

Keith Bullen

PadCo Medical’s Vice President and CFO

His experience in the Nuclear Energy Field began in 1969 and lasted until 2018 when he retired. Keith had a vast and accomplished career while he served as a Project Manager, Outage Director, Senior Nuclear Operations Engineer, NSSS Operations Superintendent, NSSS initial Startup Testing Supervisor, Senior Pre-Op Test Engineer, and US Navy RO/ET on nuclear submarines.

His education and training includes a BS in Nuclear Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin 1977, SRO Certification (GE - River Bend and Fukushima-6), Certification BWR Simulator (Dresden 2 & 3), Registered Professional Engineer, MI, ’82 & CA,’07. Navy Electronics Tech, and Nuclear Power Schools.

Completed First Responder and EMT courses in 1990

Needless to say, Keith is intelligent, precise, and organized in his duties as the perfect VP.